It pays to persevere

Aruna Sankaranarayanan
What is the role of effort in achieving success in any field? Is ability given more importance than effort? Should not a child be rewarded for the effort and not just for the performance?This article tries to find answers to these questions.

The art of brainstorming

Brainstorming in a classroom is an effective way to get all students to participate in the activity. It will help students to expand on their knowledge about a particular topic and share other students’ ideas as well. This article gets into the ‘how’ of brainstorming and also has some exercises that will prove helpful.

Honest teaching

Geetha Durairajan
What is honest teaching? How does one explain complicated issues to a child? Can the adult who explains choose what to tell or what not to tell? The standard,according to the article,would be to explain or simplify any issue from the learner’s perspective. Read on to know more .

Knowledge from wealth

S Suresh
Numismatics as a subject is hardly taught in primary and high school classes. Many school teachers do not know about the subject and its potential. At least at the school level, numismatics need not be taught as a separate subject but can be skillfully utilized for teaching several other subjects such as history, economics, art and chemistry.

Making Math real

Sinny Mole
How can a teacher teach Math effectively? How can children learn to love the subject? Mathematics is learnt best when children are actively participating in that learning. This is true for teachers as well. Interactions are indeed the heartbeat of a mathematics classroom. The teaching and learning of mathematics is a complex activity and many factors determine its success.

Of rewards and behaviour

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
Do rewards and good behaviour go hand in hand? Connecting rewards to disciplining gives control to the parents and is parenting all about control? What then is the ideal way to discipline a child? This article talks about how rewards create more problems than solutions both for the parent and the child.

Be a role model

Steven Paul Rudolph
Role models need not be celebrities or legendary personalities. Parents are children’s first role models who provide guidance in several ways. The examples they set establish the patterns and behaviours that their children will follow for a lifetime.

School assemblies: digging dipper

Kavitha Ghosh
School assemblies have an educative purpose, but for various reasons, the purpose has been diluted, and what is left now is mere pomp and show. This article suggests how assemblies can be made more lively and engaging .

April Fool!

S Upendran

This month, Words Unlimited goes into the reason why April 1 is observed as All Fools day and also gives a glimpse into the history of the word ‘April’ .

Facebook phobia

Shalini B
A light hearted account of the fad for facebook among the younger generation and why there are people too who are not great fans of facebook .