Where there is a will…

Seema Satti
Libraries have always been physical spaces we can go to, to learn and lose ourselves. But COVID has now forced us to rethink libraries. Here’s how a resourceful school librarian made sure that her students always had access to books during the pandemic.

A hypocrite

Trisha Chakraborty
Isn’t the adult community a hypocritical one? We want our children to grow up with all the right values but don’t want to practice them ourselves. Children grow up observing and learning from adults, how then do we except them to do right simply by giving them moral value lessons?

Are we ready for ‘hybrid education’?

Kiran Sangeeta Murali
With schools reopening across the country, will students be able to adapt to the new routine? Reorganizing and restructuring a student’s day bit by bit, a small step at a time will help them deal with their offline time-table gradually.

To be or not to be

Nidhi Gaur
In today’s times, most of us are plagued by the dilemma of having to make choices in our lives. What we decide helps us on the path of self- realization and discover our true selves. Gandhi’s concept of Nai Talim helps facilitate this reflective ability in children. It initiates an individual’s journey to self-exploration and reflection. The author recounts an example from a Nai Talim school.

Bringing science home

N Sai Prashanthi
Science is a practical subject. How then do we adapt it to the online mode? Here’s how a teacher thought up experiments that children could do at home with easily available ingredients to learn scientific concepts.

A letter to fellow educators

G Gautama
In a day and age where automation in every sector is being celebrated, a teacher writes a passionate letter saying why human teachers will always be more valuable.

Learning from life

Varun Gupta
Learning and understanding become easy when we relate what we have to learn with life.

Don’t always stick to your lesson plans

Varun Gupta
Lesson plans are a necessary tool in any teacher’s teaching toolkit, however, they needn’t be sacred aids that cannot be changed. Remember lesson plans are a guide only. As teachers we have to observe and adapt the lesson plan according to how our class is going.

Teaching vocabulary: A daunting task

Unnati Ved

Teaching vocabulary is not an easy task . There is a constant need to improve and learn new words. Learners must not stop with just knowing the meaning of a word. The form and use of the word is also important.