Not by profession

Shilpa D

“Not a psychologist by profession,” I said, “but I am a psychologist by action.”
My daughter curiously asked, “How?”
I asked her, “What do psychologists do?”
Thoughtfully she replied, “Heal people towards mental wealth.”
“Impressive!” I said,
“I do the same! Strive towards mental wealth
For the nation’s health.”

“Not an advocate by profession but I am an advocate by action,” I said.
My daughter queried, “How?”
I asked her, “What do advocates do?”
She said, “Argue for the client in dispute.”
“I do, but not exactly as in a lawsuit,” I said
“I help them debate in pursuit of not letting the truth dilute.”

“Not a counsellor by profession but I am a counsellor by action,” I said.
My daughter inquired, “How?”
I asked her, “What do counsellors do?”
She instantly said, “Guide you to choose what is right.”
“I do the same,” I said. “They are led towards the light
By choosing what’s right.”

“Not a life coach by profession but I am a life coach by action,” I said.
My daughter inquisitively asked, “How?”
I asked her, “What do life coaches do?”
Enthusiastically she said, “Motivate people to soar high.”
I affirmed “Matchless is each one’s strength I always say
and by making them believe in themselves, self-motivated are they.”

“Not a stand-up comedian by profession but I am a stand-up comedian by action,” I said.
My daughter chuckled and asked, “How?”
I asked her, “What do stand-up comedians do?”
Amusingly she said, “They are hilarious till your stomach hurts.”
Through a hoot of laughter I said, “Not so much nuts!
But a little chuckle that effectively works.”

Radiantly my daughter said, “Mamma, so so much by action;
I now understand what it takes to be an inspiring teacher by profession!”

The writer is an accomplished educator, author, and poet. She is also a certified career counsellor affiliated with International School of Counselling and Holistic Studies, Bengaluru. She stands at the forefront of educational transformation, providing profound insights into the best practices in the teaching-learning process while addressing the multifaceted challenges encountered by teachers and learners. She can be reached at

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