Beating the heat

Usha Raman

As summer slowly starts to creep in on us, we also approach the end of the academic year. And this is a difficult combination to beat. The days are getting hotter and stuffier and the teaching-learning is also almost done for the year. How can teachers and students keep their spirits up until the summer holidays? Do you have any ideas?

How do we handle holiday homework?

Ankita Rajasekharan

Is holiday homework an oxymoron? Every child you know wants to be left free during the holidays. Most parents however believe that too much freedom will spoil their children. Therefore schools step in to give their students holiday homework that they believe is both fun and educative. But between reluctant children, distressed parents and anxious schools, does holiday homework achieve the results it is meant to?

Nurturing the creative gene

Surekha Nayani

The problems facing the world today are not simple or small. Therefore, the solutions to these problems have to be creative and out-of-the-box. Apart from producing literate and knowledgeable young people, schools should also cultivate their students’ creativity.

An educator’s legacy

Kavita Anand

There are some people who have left a deeper impact on the way education is perceived than others. Kabir Jaithirtha’s ideas of sharing and generating knowledge have helped not just his students imbibe a new culture of learning but also several of his fellow educators.

Private tuition – boon or bane?

Anuradha C

Busy parents and overburdened teachers has meant that private tuitions have always been popular. As long as there is a gap between what the teacher in school can provide and the parents can handle, good or bad private tuitions are here to stay. Read this amusing account of the author’s short foray into the world of private tuitions.

Cultivating scientific temper

Avneesh shukla

The primary aim of science is to instill, in the learner, curiosity and promote the ability to think and arrive at solutions to complex problems. Here are a couple of simple experiments to start young learners on a journey of discovery, exploration and creativity.

A tool for emotional wellbeing

Chandragupta Mishra

It is not always that you need expensive equipment or fancy gadgets to teach. Sometimes even a simple diary will do. Getting your students into the habit of writing a diary will help you achieve two things—improve their writing skills and keep their emotional health in good condition.

Read beyond the lines

Chintan Girish Modi

Summer vacation is almost round the corner and boy are we waiting for it! As the academic year draws to a close, for all the teachers who like to read, we bring you a small reading list. And because this is a list for teachers, we also mention how these books can be used to further your practice as a teacher.

How to teach students to not give up on life

Anindita Bhattacharya

As educators and teachers, our duty to our students does not end with us fulfilling our academic responsibilities. In these highly volatile times with adolescents, especially, becoming more and more vulnerable and succumbing to outside pressures, we have to be on the alert and provide them with the care and support they need to fight adversities and stress.

Stories waiting to be told

Sharmila Govande

There is a story in each one of us and Siddharth and Smriti through their organization, Soulify, help bring these stories out. Through the medium of art, drama, and storytelling Soulify helps us get in touch with our creative side, thereby empowering and enabling us.