Tackling the bully

Shivani Mathur Gaiha and Spandana Kommuri

Bullying is a common concern in schools. Surely as teachers you have come across at least a couple of bullies that you have had to deal with. If a victim of bullying comes to you or if you notice that one of your more silent students is being bullied, how will you handle the situation? Here are some possibilities.

Question of the Week

B R Sitaram

So how many of you have figured out the magic formula for instantly losing weight? Or did you manage to find out what that important discovery was that revolutionized the world of painting? If you haven’t, then we give you the answers in this month’s QOTW and leave you with a few more challenging questions for this month.

The origins of prejudice

Alina Kaufmann

What is prejudice? How do we become prejudiced? Can we change the way we think about certain things? This article by a student is the product of her research and attempt to understand prejudice and what we can do to make the world a better place to live in for everyone.

Drawing them in


In today’s times a teacher’s responsibility doesn’t stop with her academic duties. The teacher plays a big role in shaping children’s personalities, making them more empathetic, understanding and accepting of the other.

The many forms of blended learning

Edgar Rider

There is so much of knowledge to gain and unlike in the olden days so many different ways to gain it, then why restrict teaching-learning to a face to face interaction with the students? As a new-age teacher, combine classroom teaching with online and mobile learning resources to make schooling a wholesome experience for your students.

Up and down the integer line

Krittika Hazra

We are all familiar with the statements, “minus, minus is plus” and “plus, minus is minus”. Teaching integers can be very frustrating. How do you explain the logic behind these statements? Are there better methods we can use to help our students understand integers? This teacher shares a possible alternative.

Thinking beyond the ordinary

CIPAM team

Plagiarism, copyrights, intellectual property and patents. These are terms that young adults should be well aware of so that they don’t indulge in wrong practices and are confident enough about the protection of their creative ideas to develop them further. In order to familiarize students and help teachers further this knowledge, the Cell for IPR Promotion and Management has made available on its website several resources and material for free.

MOOCs and the teacher

Shantanu Rooj and Vipendra Singh

There is no aspect of human life that has been left untouched by technology. Although its entry into the field of education is fairly recent, it has significantly changed the way teaching-learning is transacted. The teacher also has to reinvent and redefine herself and what better tool is there to help her do that than the MOOCs?

The importance of classroom dynamics

Leena Satuluri

A teacher is extremely important to converting a classroom into a productive learning space. How she manages her class, keeps her own spirits up and guides her students on their learning journey plays a vital role in successful classroom transactions. An experienced teacher shares the lessons she has learnt over the years on effective classroom management.

Think different

M Suresh Kumar

Little children learn about their abilities and the world by imitating older people. But as children grow and develop the ability to think for themselves, blind imitation is not something to be encouraged. Teach your students to think, question and analyze and not blindly follow the herd.