Nature by the ocean

Geetha Iyer

Schools are now running the last lap before they close down for summer. And summer means holidays, beaches, shells. So this time in Nature watch we introduce you to molluscs and bring you activities you can do and things you can observe while you are having fun at the beach.

Disciplining the self

Steven Paul Rudolph

We are all organized, self-disciplined adults now. But, what were we like as children? Surely, we were disorganized, rebellious and lacked discipline. Yet, we expect our children to be perfect from the moment they are born. Self-discipline is something that has to be instilled in children, it will not develop on its own. Here are a few tips.

Hegemony in the education system

Education is a tool that has the power to influence future generations. We have seen how the powerful have used this tool in history. Attempts to tweak this tool in favour of a certain individual or institution continue to be made but today we have great educationists working to ensure that this does not happen.


Shereen Masters

Making a strong case for developing critical thinking, the author shares with readers tips on how to get children to think critically.

A bouquet of miracles

Shweta Bharti

Teaching is by no means an easy job but the rewards it gives you are addictive and makes life worth living.

Zero to hero?

S Upendran

Zero is known by a lot of different names and over the years some of these names have come to mean something completely different. See what they are and how.

Nurturing toys, playful selves

Jamuna Inamdar

As adults working with children we need to constantly connect with the child within us to help us engage with children. Find out how this author nurtures the child within.

Stand up to the bully!

Chintan Girish Modi

Did you know of a bully as a child? Chances are you didn’t. But your child who is going to school today probably does. Bullying is becoming more and more common in schools even in India and after a couple of fatal bullying incidents a lot of schools are waking up to this fact. Schools are putting policies in place to prevent and discourage bullying. Teacher Plus interviews three schools to see what schools are doing to tackle this problem.