Teachers in training

Manaswini Sridhar
Participating in workshops is as much a part of teachers’ lives as teaching is. This article gives you a few tips on how you should conduct yourself at workshops so as to ensure maximum benefit as a participant.

Ways of naming: folk taxonomy

Geetha Iyer
We often find ourselves categorizing, sorting, listing and group things to help us understand them better and this process is called folk taxnomy. This particular article discusses three very common trees that are confused one for the other because they are all either called Wood apple or elephant apple trees.

Getting kids into the flow

Steven Paul Rudolph
Learning comes naturally to children and every child is good at it, therefore we don’t have to dangle rewards in front of them or threaten them with punishment. All that we as parents need to do is to seek out teachers and experiences that will enthuse our children to learn.

The joy of giving

Cynthia D’Costa
This is the story of Sayali Dubash, a young mother, who took it upon herself to build a small computer lab for a Zilla Parishad Girls school near her home.

A teacher’s “democratic” duty!

S Upendran
In this time’s Words Unlimited, the author recollects his amusing experience as a presiding officer for the general elections of 2004.

On the left side of things

Shalini B
What is it like to be a southpaw in a right handed world? Read this article for the answer.

Looking into – and beyond – lesson plans

Gopal Midha
What are lesson plans? Why are they important? Read a brief history on lesson plans and their importance. Also find guidelines on how you can develop your own effective lesson plans.