A city and its culture

An enthusiastic teacher goes to great lengths to bring a city and its culture alive to students in the course of a History lesson.


From puppetry to shadow work, folk theatre and melas, a class 8 history project took on hues that became a live learning experience. Drama ceased to be an extra-curricular activity and became an educational tool, creating magic for all involved.

Delving into ancient India

This article gives a glimpse of the modes of learning that run through the courses in the Social Science Curriculum of the Centre for Learning.

Rendezvous with the land of Pharaohs

Twenty children experience Egypt through treasure hunts, cooking,painting, and acting. In a seven-day workshop on Egypt, they learn Hieroglyphs, dig out ancient recipes, and get into the shoes of Pharaohs.

“I hate History!”

Stories tend to hold children spellbound. Tales about kings and queens, voyages of discovery seem to fascinate children if told with the right mix of drama and action. Seen in this light, history can be made into an interesting subject if anecdotes and stories not found in textbooks are narrated with zeal and enthusiasm. The author tells readers how she got children hooked to History as a subject with her story-telling.

Innovation is the key

Roshen Dalal tells us how History can be taught using several approaches, one of which is to integrate it with other subjects to make it more interesting. This holds true especially for the junior classes.Read on to find out more.

Lessons for life

This article gives a brief glimpse into how history is taught in Waldorf schools.

Fascinating facets

Dr. Chithra Madhavan India has a wonderful history going back several millennia. This is brought to us time and gain via our literature (prose and poetry), sculpture, inscriptions, and outstanding monuments. It is through a thorough study of all these Read More …

A living, breathing textbook

Facing History is a website which helps people around the world make decisions in their lives by revisiting the historical texts.