A living, breathing textbook

D Paulomi

If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday – Pearl S Buck

Facing History (www.facinghistory.org), a web site dedicated to helping children understand the moral underpinnings of human activity, was started by Margot Stern Strom and William S. Parsons, a Holocaust Educator. Facing History helps people around the world make decisions in their lives by revisiting the historical texts.

Facing-History It encourages young people to develop their own ideas thinking in a broader perspective and to contribute their voices in the larger community. The often neglected history of Holocaust is introduced to the students in a virtual classroom with educators instructing the teachers and teaching the students around the world, the root causes of racism, anti-Semitism and mass violence. While investigating the prejudices and discrimination in the past, it connects history with ethics involved in decision-making.

Facing History shows that history is not just about the inventions, conquests, and, triumphs; it is also about the failures, from which we may learn. Unlike the conventional methods of history teaching in the classes, Facing History provides a different take on history in understanding the tragedies in the humanity’s history and developing compassion for others. It is a platform to discuss the most important moral questions that we need to answer. It has become a popular resource worldwide for the high quality of its resource materials and programs for both students and teachers. Incorporating contemporary voices and current events, the vital issues that are missing in student’s textbooks, the site provides an important online learning resource.Obstacle Course Jumpers

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