Their hearts are in the right place

Pratiksha Chopra
How their students turn out in the end, no teacher can tell. All that a teacher can do is to provide her students with the best learning environment and create spaces to nurture their talents and interests. Pratiksha writes about a student who is working hard to change the lives of the poor in India.

A tryst with destiny

Divya Mishra
In moments of confusion and distress, a teacher only has to look as far as her students to find the simple yet powerful solutions to her problems, as Divya quickly realized.

“What is that?” A teacher learns

Geetha Iyer
If you start your career as a teacher believing that you can learn even from your students and the situations that they put you in, you will definitely grow as a teacher. This Geetha realized during her very first stint as a teacher.

Once a teacher always a learner

Seetha Anand
Do you remember your learning moments as a teacher? Seetha narrates four incidents that have left her a richer and better person.

Give credit where it’s due

Lakshmi Sengupta
Putting together a lesson plan or project idea to submit to your academic coordinators can sometimes get frustrating especially if you are looking for fresh ideas. Lakshmi writes about how an inspirational moment with her students helped her pitch a brilliant project idea to her academic coordinator.

A golden ticket to learning

Leena Satuluri
For any teacher that has taught for many years, there will be no dearth of life lessons she can learn from her students. Leena remembers six of several students who taught her little wisdoms of life.

Children are like trees

Amit Deshwal
From wanting to become a monk and learn the truth about life, Amit is now quite content being a teacher, and learning about life from the children he is working with.