When we listen, we learn

Sonali Ghosh
The one thing that a teacher should not carry about her person is her ego. Sonali writes how an ego not only stops a teacher from bonding with her students but also shuts out the lessons that the students are passing on to their teachers.

The lighter side of learning

Matthew Baganz
Teaching-learning is not always a serious business. Every teacher has had his/her share of funny moments in the classroom. Matthew picks out five amusing stories from his life as a teacher and tells us what he has learnt from them.

A wellspring of energy

Urvashi Nangia
Working in the education sector is a tough job. Here progress is slow and success few and far between. Whenever she hits a low, is unable to find solutions, Urvashi always turns to the children she works with and is always rewarded with a fresh boost of energy and ideas to continue to improve education.

Looking inward for answers

V.L. Bhargavi
Knowing that you are very good at what you do is a wonderful feeling, but when that feeling starts suppressing your growth as a professional it leaves you miserable, as it happened to Bhargavi, whose students helped her realize this.

From teaching to unteaching

Sharmila Govande
This is the journey of a mother and teacher, whose children opened her eyes to what true learning is. Sharmila writes about how she came to a decision to ‘unlearn’ and is now along with her children experiencing a new way of learning by homeschooling.

An exchange of stories: what I remember my students by

Ankita Rajasekharan
As a new teacher, Ankita always presented herself as someone that her students could grow into. But a book, a cloud and several beautiful experiences later, she now understands that she is not their inspiration. It is the other way round.

Stories to go back to

Usha Raman
A teacher’s professional development is not limited to the number of workshops or refresher courses she attends. For a teacher, every day brings some learning. These beautiful lessons about life and teaching that our students bequeath us are what makes teaching such a rewarding profession.

When students make their teachers

Cynthia D’costa
There is only so much that professional development and refresher courses can do for you as a teacher. Your actual growth comes from your own students, as Cynthia discovered over her 32 years as a teacher.

When a teacher becomes a front bencher

Anuradha C
If you were told that you have to teach your (former) teachers, how would you react? Anuradha’s teachers gave her a memorable life experience by turning into her students for three days, thereby telling her that teachers never stop learning.

From waste to wow!

Sujata Pani
A teacher has to be very careful when she speaks, especially with her students. This Sujata learnt from a sad incident in a student’s life. She now cautions both new and old teachers to think before they speak.