From tigers to tadpoles

S Theodore Bhaskaran

Teacher Plus is in its 25th year and to celebrate this occasion we are taking a trip down memory lane with articles from our archives. This is our first classroom update from our inaugural issue and it talks about how teachers can make an EVS class come alive. Read on and you will see how relevant these ideas still are despite the fact that they are 25 years old!

The truth about snakes

Geetha Iyer

The first thing perhaps we all do when we see a snake is to scream with fright. But a lot of snakes are harmless and we can learn a lot about them if we stay clam and simply observe these creatures.

Poetry between the lines

Kamakshi Balasubramanian

Teaching poetry is always a challenging task. How do you get students to read and analyze poems? Here are a few suggestions.

Rights unravelled

Simran Luthra

In the urban setup, women teachers outnumber the men. Does this mean that inequality does not exist? Once you sit down to think about it you will be surprised to see on how many counts inequality creeps in.

Lessons I learnt

Steven Rudolph

Twenty five years of teaching will obviously teach you a thing or two about the profession. The author lists down a few lessons he learnt in all these years as a teacher.

Geography on the map

Pradita Nambiar

Geography like most subjects hardly ever leaves the textbook in a school. Read this teacher’s experience and see how much fun it can be when you actually allow a little creativity to flow in when you teach.

Plagiarism: How do we curb the menace?

Vandana Aggarwal

Plagiarism is a growing menace among students. With most students having easy access to the internet this is a concern that teachers will have to take immediate note of.

Talking money with children

Chintan Girish Modi

Financial literacy needs to start from a young age if children are to grow into responsible adults. The rupaiya paisa series from Pratham Books helps you talk about money to young children.

Hay month

S Upendran

July has the distinction of being only one of two months that is not named after a god. Why is that? Find out in this month’s Words Unlimited.