On an experiential journey

Here is an article that suggests, along with some activities, how the concepts of stereotypes or racism can be dealt with in class . While these activities are just starters, most teachers can come up with more ideas if these issues are given deep thought.

Opening minds by opening hearts

Do teachers have a larger role to play in the classroom other than just teaching the subject? Can they find the time to talk to students about biases and differences? Prejudices, stereotypes, images of the ‘other’ run deep. There is no easy escape. There is, however, a constant need to question, evaluate, and challenge the status quo. This article highlights a few such interventions and appeals for an education that also has heart apart from intellect.

A way with words?

Entries received for the Teacher Plus slogan contest: Teachers – the heartbeats of the nation. Teaching is learning and living. Teaching is my passion. Proud teacher, inventive and innovative. Muralidharan Generations we mould, gentleness we unfold, goodness we inculcate, genuiness Read More …

Heal thyself…

On this Teachers’ Day, this teacher appeals to everyone involved in education to reduce the superficial celebrations that take place this day every year in schools and instead asks everyone students, teachers, administrators and others to look inside and think about where education has reached in this country.

A trek along the Narmada

Know how difficult and challenging a pilgrimage can be from this account of a devotee who undertook a spiritual journey along the river Narmada.

You can do it…

We have often heard of this saying, ‘Try, try until you succeed’; despite several odds this author tells his readers how his determination and perseverance helped him achieve his goal.