What is the size of a molecule?

One of the first lessons we are taught in chemistry is that all matter is made of atoms and molecules. And that these atoms and molecules are tiny particles? But do we know how tiny atoms and molecules are? There are experiments which can help us determine. This article mentions one such experiment.

What it means to be a Montessori parent

Choosing a school for their child is always a difficult time for parents. This article has a parent talking about her search for the ideal school and how she found one for her daughter.

Having fun with grammar

Teaching children grammar is not an easy task. This is one place kids tend to falter when learning a language. One of the main reasons for this is the popular idea that grammar is boring. Here’s how you can make grammar fun and its learning effective.

Can teachers be friends?

It is true that children sometimes consider their teachers to be their enemies. This probably is because most teachers believe that if children have to respect them and listen to what they say then they have to appear strict. But teachers and students can and should be friends.

The Chinese odyssey

Rudy Kong Living in China was not the only new and exciting aspect of our adventure. This was my first ‘real’ teaching job as a certified teacher, and working in China presents certain intricacies that test one’s resolve. One of Read More …

Choosing the right flavour

Using the interesting metaphor of the variety of ice creams available today, the author talks about the different kinds of jobs that young people today can choose from. With this wide variety availabe to them, it becomes the duty of parents and teachers to help young people choose the right job for themselves.

Don’t cut down trees…

That trees are extremely important for Man’s survival is a know fact. Then why do we cut down trees in the name of development and progress? There actually is an alternative to cutting down tress. They can be translocated. This beautiful photo essay tells us how.

What is your students’ “Locus of control”?

Did you know that all of us have a dimension to our personalities called the Locus of control? What is this personality dimension? What does it have to do with our students? Is it something that is good or something that is bad? Find the answers in this article.

Cell phone or hell phone?

Some of us love this contraption and some of us absolutely hate it. But this little instrument has sprouted a whole new vocabulary in the English language.