WhatsApp: a tool for revision

P. Madhavi Latha

No matter how well your physics classes have gone, come exam time and you still see worried students. So I came up with an idea that has really worked for me. I now successfully use WhatsApp for revision before the final exam.

Children as well as parents have appreciated the way I have planned, designed and executed the revision pattern for class 10. We take 4 to 5 days to revise a chapter after which I give the students a test. They can have their doubts cleared before the test either in the WhatsApp group or when they are in school. On the day of the test, I post my question paper early in the morning at around 4.00 am. The students are to write the test at home under the supervision of their parents within one hour.

In the beginning, I observed a kind of carefree attitude among the parents and students. But gradually they warmed up to the idea. On the same day at 9.00 pm I post the scoring key. Children, along with their parents, crosscheck the paper and rectify errors by rewriting the answers.

After the chapter-wise tests, I give them two grand tests before their pre finals. This way we complete the entire revision within a month. My students also solve physics question papers that I source from other schools.

This way, I find that parents are also involved in the process of teaching-learning. There has been no misuse of technology so far by the students as the parents are also actively involved. This approach has stimulated the minds of my students and I have been able to satisfy their queries on time.

Like everything else, technology also has two faces. If used positively, we can achieve good results; we can incorporate interest in the subject among young minds.

How successful we are in our use of technology depends on how we plan, design and execute our concepts of teaching. Now my students are confident enough to face the new challenges in physics in their future journey to success.

Feedback from parents and students on this method of revision.

Vinitha Suryadevara
Dear maam,
We started this year with a lot of fear as it was the year of the board exam. But you have made it so easy for us. I personally didn’t have to even peep into the textbook to explain anything to Shreya.
Your dedication has to be appreciated. You took time off even during your personal time to send revision papers to the kids and made sure everyone wrote those exams.
Thank you maam for all your efforts.

Nishta Kadel 10C

Ma’am the paper was very easy and we did it very well, almost all the questions that came were covered in our revisions! Many basic concept questions were also there and our amazing interactive classes made physics paper absolutely easy for us.
Thank you so much ma’am for all the effort you put in for us!

Pradyumna 10D

Mam you have been our guiding light not only for science but for all subjects. We may forget many things but will definitely be with you even when we reach your age. Two years with you was a great adventure of encouragement and self confidence. Thank you so much maam for being there for every one of us in every possible way. Your classes about life values will be reflected in all your students’ lives.

Adithi XA
Dear madam,
We parents of Adithi would like to extend our sincere thanks for helping our child focus and perform better.
We appreciate your silent, unobtrusive contributions for the cause of education in general and physics in particular. Your commitment to reach out to the students definitely helped increase curiosity and the urge to learn in the children. You have miraculously succeeded in transforming every child in the class into an enthusiastic learner.
We wish you continue with the same spirit and contribute to illuminate the minds of children.

The author is a physics teacher at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Public School, Jubilee Hills. She can be reached at madhavi27oct@yahoo.co.in.

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