WhatsApp: a tool for revision

P. Madhavi Latha No matter how well your physics classes have gone, come exam time and you still see worried students. So I came up with an idea that has really worked for me. I now successfully use WhatsApp for Read More …

Improving teacher education

Surekha Nayani
A teacher’s comment on the proposed changes in the New Education Policy regarding teacher education.

Calm the butterflies

Usha Raman
Anxiety is in the air. With exams round the corner one can see worried students, parents, teachers and schools. But anxiety brings with it stress and associated concerns. It is time that we started dealing with this anxiety differently and also showed our students and other stakeholders how they can be more positive and a little less stressed around this time every year.

Handling the decimal dilemma

Krittika Hazra
Often, math is taught not so much to challenge and enhance a child’s thinking ability but to get them to score well in the exams. When exams are the goal, teaching takes on a different direction altogether—several concepts in mathematics become tricky and are learnt only by memory. It is, however, time to abort this practice and find ways to logically explain math concepts. Here is how you can unravel ‘decimals’.

Swatting away the worry bugs

Lamia Bagasrawala
Students live tough lives. While grappling with psychological challenges and under constant scrutiny for their academic performance and behaviour, students are expected to “fit” into the standard norms we have set. We do not appreciate any kind of deviation. With pressure from parents, school and the society to be a certain way, what the students put at stake is their emotional wellbeing, which is extremely important to their ability to learn. So how can teachers help students cope?

A treasure trove of teachers, untapped!

Anuradha C
Teacher shortage is a perennial concern in the Indian education system. There have been and continues to be a lot of debate and discussion around this. The solutions, however, have been few and far between. We are aware of the problem, we have discussed it enough. It is now time to think of innovative solutions and implement them.

Question of the Week

B R Sitaram
Would you use a product made of chemicals? Why do your car tyres have treads? Did you find answers to these questions?

Combating drugs

Neerja Singh
Drug abuse is so rampant these days that it is no longer a secret; no longer something that only the “naughty” children do; and not something that we can ignore anymore. With dissatisfaction, emotional instability, stress and depression on the rise, more and more youngsters are falling prey to this vice. As their teachers and parents, let us arm ourselves with enough knowledge to help our children battle this problem.

Museums that teach

Piyuli Ghosh and Bhagyashree Dokrimare
Apart from the classrooms, we have heard of teachers teaching under trees or in the garden, but have you ever heard of museums turning into classrooms? This unique school in Bhopal realized the learning opportunities that museums provide and has for the last 14 years very successfully engaged with museum based pedagogy.

An artist’s boon; a pirate’s bane

CIPAM team
In an age where the internet is a common feature, it has become more necessary than ever to protect our ideas and work lest someone else calls it their own. Make your students aware of copyright infringements when they do their school projects and also tell them how they can protect their own work from being stolen.