Designing kindergarten classrooms

For most young children, the kindergarten is their formal introduction to the outside world. Therefore, while setting up a kindergarten classroom we should take care that the surroundings appear familiar, safe, and welcoming. Find some tips here.

What colour can do

It is common knowledge that colours excite, dull, or calm one’s moods. So why not use this knowledge to add some colour to our schools?

Making the most of limited space

While it is desirable that schools are built on large open areas, in a country like India space is a luxury. Therefore, it is up to each of us to make the most of the space we have available. Read to find out how a few government schools in Tamilnadu are creatively using the limited space they have.

Children can’t wait

When natural disasters strike, everybody’s attention is on rehabilitating the people affected by the disaster. Damage caused to schools and the life within is always pushed to the back burner. But along with rehabilitation, ensuring that schools can continue working normally is extremely important.

Inside a Waldorf school

What does space mean in the Waldorf context? How important is space to the Waldorf system. Read to find out.

Grounds for safe play

How can you make playgrounds safe for play? What skills do playgrounds encourage? What are the things a physical education teacher should keep in mind when on a playground? Find the answers here.

Learning to learn together

Collaborative learning is a popular teaching-learning methodology. See how this teacher used this method to inculcate excitement and a desire to study in her class.

What should your school look like?

If you were given a chance to build a school, what would it look like? We asked a few children, who had some pretty interesting ideas.