Take a moment to pause

Aarti Mohan

What is it about teachers that they are not able to switch off? Whether it is school time or vacation time, at every opportunity, a teacher is always thinking about her students and what she can do to help them learn. Therefore, no moment seems right to take a break. This article exhorts teachers to take a moment for themselves so that they are back in the classroom refreshed and inspired.

Why I am a teacher

Shreya Prabhu Jindal
Even until a few years ago, young people used to steer clear of a teaching job. However, today the scene is different. More and more young people are coming back to schools as teachers. Here’s why a fresh out of college student became a teacher.

Boarding schools: ideal, idyllic or impractical?

Arjun Rajkhowa

Is the boarding school today an anathema to most parents? Why do many parents find the concept of boarding schools outdated and not in sync with the present lifestyle of urban families? This article tries to answer these questions and more.

Disciplining the self

Steven Paul Rudolph

We are all organized, self-disciplined adults now. But, what were we like as children? Surely, we were disorganized, rebellious and lacked discipline. Yet, we expect our children to be perfect from the moment they are born. Self-discipline is something that has to be instilled in children, it will not develop on its own. Here are a few tips.

Eyeing the difference

Nookaraju Bendukurthi

A moving account of a physically disabled student and his experiences in school.

Productive education

If the purpose of education is to allow a child to grow mentally, then why are they not allowed to learn what they want to but instead are forced to learn what others want them to asks this tenth standard student.

What it means to be a Montessori parent

Choosing a school for their child is always a difficult time for parents. This article has a parent talking about her search for the ideal school and how she found one for her daughter.

How I became a social entrepreneur

Read how a student went about setting up a bakery in a school as part of her project, and how it became a tremendous learning experience.

‘Discipline’ – the need of the hour

Discipline is an important aspect of education. Unless a child is disciplined gathering and assimilating knowledge is difficult. And this is not something that the school alone can achieve. The family plays a very important role in inculcating discipline in a child.