Making homework child friendly

Shailendra Gupta

Homework is an essential part of a student’s life but more often than not we find that student’s don’t do their homework. Instead of admonishing the child and continuing with our teaching let us try and understand the importance of homework first and then spice up our student’s homework assignments so that they will want to do them.

A reading marathon? No, just a readathon!

Anamika Kundu

One of the best ways to improve language is to start reading as much as possible. In order to inculcate the reading habit in her students, this teacher set them on a fun project. Read to see how students began to enjoy reading even as they learnt to bond and improve their language.

Getting future ready

Geetika Saluja The 21st century demands that we all know how to think – to reason, analyze, weigh evidence, solve problems and to communicate effectively. These are no longer skills that only the elite in the society must master: they Read More …