Beyond boundaries: exploring academic enhancement in schools

Vignesh M

The Department of Mathematics at DNU SMBM National Public School aimed to revolutionize mathematics education by harnessing the power of comics as an innovative educational tool, merging mathematics and storytelling to captivate students’ interests and transcend traditional teaching methods.

The creative approach

Our department introduced a fresh approach to math education using comics to bridge the gap between math and storytelling. Students created comics with division as the central theme, personifying math concepts. This approach enriched their understanding of math and ignited a newfound passion for the subject.

Empowering students

Through this initiative, we witnessed a remarkable transformation in our students. The process of collaborative comic creation helped them enhance their writing and communication skills. Moreover, by performing dramas based on their comics, the students were able to express themselves better and develop vital life skills.

Reflection on the impact

The initiative was transformative for students, helping them embody math concepts while learning unity, teamwork, and empathy. Notably, students’ love for comics correlated with improved test scores, highlighting the effectiveness of this approach to mathematics education.

Best practices and tips

For educators and schools looking to embark on a similar journey, here are some tips and suggestions:

  • Encourage creative expression
  • Focus on a central concept
  • Personify mathematical concepts
  • Encourage collaborative learning
  • Introduceperformance-based learning

Published e-comic details

The hard work and dedication of our students was recognized nationally when their math comics were digitally published on Follow this link to see their comics:


The innovative pedagogical approach of combining math and storytelling through comics has revolutionized mathematics education in our school. This approach has produced creative, curious, and passionate mathematicians, and we look forward to nurturing more proficient mathematicians in the future.

The author is a math teacher at DNU SMBM National Public School, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. He can be reached at

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