Misses the target

A Story of Political Ideas for Young Readers, by Rustam Singh, is the fi rst volume of a larger series of books that is an attempt to interest teenagers in the history of political thought.

Inspiring a passion for teaching

A book meant for teachers–both beginners and experienced–Teaching Community a pedagogy of hope has been written to inspire a passion for teaching.

Bringing alive the magic of trees

Remember the time you used to climb mango trees to pluck mangoes? The afternoons you have enjoyed under the shade of a banyan tree? Just look up… helps us reconnect with 22 common trees. Through little activities, poems, and craft ideas, the book brings alive the magic of trees.

A breath of fresh air

What goes into writing a children’s book? Can they be plain fun or do they have to have morals? Chintan Girish Modi talks to acclaimed children’s writer Anushka Ravishankar

An indispensable resource

Teachers are the cornerstone of education and for any development in education to happen there has to be a change in the way teachers themselves are trained. The book, Reflective Teaching & Learning comes at the right time explaining to both teaching beginning and those already practicing the importance of reflective teaching practices.

Insightful read

Deepti Bharthur

Environmental pollution, e-waste, harmful chemicals and toxins in food–these are things that every child should be made familiar with. Our Toxic World presents these issues neatly in its half graphic novel and half information manuel format.