Ideas to enliven language classes

Sangeeta Menon
‘Poetry Writing’ gives the reader a comprehensive picture on how to ignite, sustain and help the child’s interest grow in the art of poetry writing.

Learning creative writing – step by step!

Nandini Nayar

Good writing is a skill that needs to be encouraged and developed and Cheryl Rao’s series of 8 books called Fun with creative writing attempts to do just that. Rao’s instructions are easy to follow and make writing seem not like a chore but a fun activity. She helps children begin at the beginning and blossom into young creative writers by the end of the 8th book.

A must-have video resource

Geetha Iyer

Teachers need to look up various resources other than just books. For instance, videos on nature and the biodiversity of western ghats are a mine of information. This article talks about Wildlife filmmaker and photographer Suresh Elamon’s latest video which is an amazing must-have resource.

Guiding you to the right career

All of us have wondered at one point in life, “After school, what?” What subjects do we opt for in college? Do we listen to our parents and choose courses that will guarantee us a good job? Or do we listen to ourselves and opt for a course that may not be attractive to a future employer but still is something that we desire? In his book, Solving the Ice-cream dilemma, Steven Rudolph helps you choose the right career and therefore the course you should opt for in college. A must read book for all those who are leaving school soon and for their parents and teachers as well.

A practical guide to school management

Addressing the principal, Shankar Musafir in his book, ‘To the Principal–Yours sincerely’, takes a keen look at the way schools are managed in this country and offers suggestions to improve them. Here we review this book.

Educative, engaging, entertaining

A book for all those who want to learn to use the English language better, the first volume of Prof. Upendran’s book, ‘Know Your English’, discusses idioms popular in the language, their origins and meaning. Read here a review of the book.

Misses the target

A Story of Political Ideas for Young Readers, by Rustam Singh, is the fi rst volume of a larger series of books that is an attempt to interest teenagers in the history of political thought.

Inspiring a passion for teaching

A book meant for teachers–both beginners and experienced–Teaching Community a pedagogy of hope has been written to inspire a passion for teaching.

Bringing alive the magic of trees

Remember the time you used to climb mango trees to pluck mangoes? The afternoons you have enjoyed under the shade of a banyan tree? Just look up… helps us reconnect with 22 common trees. Through little activities, poems, and craft ideas, the book brings alive the magic of trees.

A breath of fresh air

What goes into writing a children’s book? Can they be plain fun or do they have to have morals? Chintan Girish Modi talks to acclaimed children’s writer Anushka Ravishankar