Healing with play

Dr. Shakila Naidu Play therapy or play counselling should be as much a part of the school as are its other activities. While a lot of schools offer counselling to their students, recent research has proved the significance of using Read More …

Play and learn

Cheryl Rao

You learn as you play. This was the thought behind the two board games reviewed in this article. These board games are ideal for pre-primary school children to learn about people and their surroundings.

A must–have for a school counsellor

Rina Reddy

School counsellors have a tough job as they have to handle a very volatile group of people. In a country where school counsellors are a new breed and have very little support, this book is a very important resource.

Educational fun

Nandini Nayar
This is a book by a well- known ecologist and seamlessly weaves fact and fiction to create a story that offers real solutions to the real problems of the world.

Questions of science and sense

Richard Fernandes

Learning science is a series of four books by Indumathi Rao and CNR Rao meant for children and people who have had no background in science. Written by a highly qualified teacher of science and a Bharat Ratna awardee do these books measure up to the expectations? Here’s a review that cautions us against picking up books by the name of the authors instead of by the content.

Inspiring teachers

Ramgopal K

The Open Classroom is a book that fills a void in the Indian publishing industry. Reflective writing by Indian teachers is almost non-existent. In The Open Classroom, K T Margaret, inspires teachers old and new by dipping into her own three decade experience of teaching.

Talking money with children

Chintan Girish Modi

Financial literacy needs to start from a young age if children are to grow into responsible adults. The rupaiya paisa series from Pratham Books helps you talk about money to young children.

Faraday’s Classic: Heady stuff!

Part of a series of lectures for school children, this book by Michael Faraday showcases his brilliance as a communicator and as an experimentalist. Try to get a copy of this fascinating book.

A comprehensive guide

Naina Joseph

Ever get confused with word usage? Know Your English Vol. 2 is written to help the average speaker of English deal with confusing words in the language. Comprehensive and lucid the book should find place on every Indian’s bookshelf.