The power of yoga for teachers

Vaibhav Viswanath
Teachers are a stressed lot. And stress is the root cause of several physical and mental problems. Build yoga into your routine to calm your body and mind.

The classroom as a model for the world

Usha Raman
Teachers are human beings like the rest of us – they will have their ups and downs in how they deal with students. But, can they – during the school hours – create a safe and happy learning space for children?

Learning to be human

Meenakshi Umesh
Work and education are inseparable. Play is the work of childhood and work is the play of childhood! The author delves deep into this taking us to her childhood as also explaining the approach at the school she is a part of. She also quotes Tagore, Tolstoy and Read to underscore the point.

What makes work education ‘educative’

Aruna Sankaranarayanan
Work education is defined as “purposeful and meaningful manual work” aims to help children imbibe “values and habits”. How do educators ensure that work education turns out to be wholesome education (ie head + heart + head for students?

Work education or education for work

Sheela Ramakrishnan
Where does work education stand: With reference to the NEP 2020? In context of the changes that AI is bringing to our lives? And, of course, in our classrooms today?

Work education for ananda

Nidhi Gaur
The author discusses a crafts-based curriculum, read work education, at a school in Maharashtra and explores the connection between work education and ananda. These experiences, she adds, in the long run, help the children live without fear.

Learning English through the classics

Chintan Girish Modi
Ruskin Bond, a well-known name across generations, comes up with a book to build English skills. The book is a collection of short-stories, poems and novel extracts. Is the collection curated in a manner that is relevant and useful for today’s students? Do the activities suggested in the book help the reader learn English?

Tales about trees

Geetha Iyer
This book by Katie Bagli talks about 23 tree species. It tells stories about these species and, of course, has information on them. It brings out, with simplicity, how trees are connected with other species – how they are ecosystems in themselves.