The Hum Hindustani Project: A gentle engagement with nationhood

Simran Luthra
This podcast, conceptualized and executed by Samina Mishra, has children recite poetry. It also tells us about experiences of children. The podcast brings in idealism, hope and nature to our lives. It also questions how we engage with our country and makes us question whether a separate kind of engagement from the one we currently have is possible.

The world runs on coffee!

Many of us cannot do without coffee. Some love its smell and some its taste, some love it hot and some cold, some love the instant version and some are purists, some fall in love over it and some fight for it; few are those who are able to ignore it. Let us talk about coffee with children – where it came from, its journey over the years and, of course, how it is a part of our lives today!

An equitable learning space

Prakash Chand
This is a heartfelt note on a school in Uttarakhand and its founder. The author is a student at the school. He describes how school has not only focused on education that is relevant locally but also established linkages to enable children to get a wide ranges of learning experiences.

Is AI doing the homework?

Anuradha C
The author asks questions about AI and homework; questions many of us may soon grapple with. Do children use AI to do homework? How can teachers figure this out? What can teachers do to discourage students from falling into this trap?

Unlearning and learning

Arun Elassery
The author is on a journey where he is unlearning and undoing the damage that the formal education brought upon him. Here he shares excerpts from books that have helped him in this journey. Books, on education, by relatively unknown Indians. Books that may set the reading thinking about education.

Teachers as artists

The author argues that the regular pedagogy is not exactly interesting and one way to get out of this dullness is for teachers to collaborate with artists. Teaching needs to be seen as a creative practice and teachers need to identify themselves as creative practitioners.

Maria Mitchell: Stargazer to trailblazer

Mamata Pandya
A woman who has a comet named after her! A woman deeply involved in the movement for woman’s right to vote, own property and receive the same time of education and opportunities offered to men. Know more about Maria Mitchell born in the year 1818.

A little appreciation does wonders

Ranjeeta Prajapati
Is it enough if we praise a student? Or we need to take care while praising as well? A teacher shares her experience.

A visit to a bookstore

Pradita Nambiar
The author talks about her experience of taking children to a bookstore. She highlights how the children benefitted and wonders if families too will include visits to bookstores during vacations!

The TikTok phenomenon

Neerja Singh
This month the author looks at what happens when students use Tik Tok. What happens to their personal data? What pressures do they face? What kind of content appears on their screen? What are the impacts of using Tik Tok for long durations? How do we deal with all these?