What the Summerhill school can teach us

Shamayel Zaidi
Summerhill by A S Neill is a book which seldom fails to shake the reader. There is a lot in the book which makes one think and re-think. If, however, there are four elements we want to learn from Summerhill what would these be? Are these thoughts and ideas viable in our country today?

Curative circles

Meena Sriram
Behavioural problems among their students is something that all schools have to deal with. How can schools and teachers solve this issue?

Critical literacy on the shelves

Darpana Baria
This month we look at critical literacy. The article raises a series of questions. Do we see stories of those lesser privileged than us only from our lens? Do we question the stories enough? Do we question the adversity in a story and whether we as citizens have played a role in the existence of the adversity?