Teacher etiquette

Anubha Rawat
A teacher makes a good professional not only when she teaches her subject well but also when she conducts herself well. Young children are impressionable and keen observers and therefore a teacher has to always be alert to her actions and words.

Nature education as a two-way street

Astha Chaudhary and Dipti Arora
Environment education in its current form is all very well when it is being imparted to students living in concrete urban jungles, but when we use the same approach and textbooks to teach children living with and off nature, it is wanting. Local knowledge and contexts should be included in EVS to enrich the subject and make it more useful.

Intertwining theatre and learning

Sanjhee Gianchandani
Traditional teaching methods don’t hold a student’s attention for long. And when students are not attentive, they don’t retain what they have learnt. So how can a teacher make her classes engaging enough to allow students to imbibe what they are learning? Have you tried theatre yet?

Who’s that personality?

Anil Kumar Patnaik
Abhas sir is back with another number magic trick up his sleeve. What is it this time?

Teacher beliefs in the classroom

Chandrika Muralidhar and Vikas Chandra Roy
They heavily influence a teacher’s pedagogy and behaviour in the classroom, yet teacher beliefs are not given much thought. How are these beliefs formed, how much do they affect a teacher’s practice and why is it important to be alert to their existence?

Conundrums of teaching online

Disha Dbritto
Online teaching became the norm during COVID-19 and teachers continue to follow some of the practices they started at the time. While we seem to be moving in the right direction in our goal to incorporate technology in education, have we considered the pedagogical problems that can crop up when teaching, especially math and science, online?

Love me as I am

Soma Chakraborty
The inclusion and acceptance of special children into regular society and school will affect them positively. Here’s how this school and teachers held Anjali’s hand and helped her confidently stand on her own feet.

Understanding the enigma of dyslexia

Kalpana Sharma
While most of us may have a surface level understanding of learning disabilities like dyslexia, not many of us stop to think of what life is actually like for a dyslexic child in school. What can schools do to support these differently-abled children?

Library, children, reading, and art

Jennifer Thomas
Is there a connection between reading and art? Can one benefit from the other? See how this library educator enhanced her students’ reading experience by getting them to engage with art.

The coolest grandma in the world

Chintan Girish Modi
She rides a motorcycle, loves to dress up, and is a disastrous cook. Biji is not your conventional grandmother, she is someone who teaches you humility, perseverance, and acceptance. English teachers will have good use for Biji’s in the kitchen in their primary classrooms.