A ‘comical’ journey in the history classroom

Mangalam Narayanan and Lakshmi Madhusudan
It is not just the students but teachers too get bored doing the same things over and over. If you are tired of setting question papers in the same old way, here is a fun way to set question papers for history.

Is my size and your size the same?

Ranjeeta Prajapati
When we know that one size does not fit all, why do we use standardized lesson plans? When every child learns differently, our lesson plans should also be such that they cater to each child’s needs.

Effective ways to help students handle peer pressure

Aracha Sinha
How many stories of children succumbing to peer pressure have we not heard? Peer pressure, while not the most desirous thing, is a part of student life, so let us help our students use this pressure to enhance their personalities and not buckle under it.

Agreeing to disagree

Usha Raman
Debates and discussions are an integral part of a successful democracy. However, in real life debates are shouting matches and in schools they are performances acted out by the students. Can our classrooms become spaces where different points of view can co-exist and conversations be healthy?

Rethinking the social contract

Neerja Singh
Technology is now driving the world and in that sense are our education systems ready to train children for the future? Let us continue the conversation started by UNESCO and re-imagine our educational future.

Creating that sense of belonging

Anindita Bhattacharya
The need to belong has implications on our physical and mental health. A lack of belonging can cause depression or anti-social behaviour. The feeling of belonging, on the other hand, can positively affect academic performance and provide a lifetime of benefits. What skills will help students develop their sense of identity? What opportunities can schools provide to help students belong?

The notion of purity

Avneesh Shukla
How do we know what purity is? What are our reasons for classifying something as pure or impure? Take a peek into this science classroom and find out what the students learnt.

Janaki Ammal: Magnolia Lady

Mamata Pandya
Magnolia kobus Janaki Ammal. If women scientists are a rare species, what is rarer is to have inventions named after them. In the 19th century, Janaki Ammal was a woman much ahead of her time. Her work as a botanist both in India and outside is truly inspiring.

Teaching from the heart

Aruna Sankaranarayanan
As teachers, is it enough if we know our students and the subjects we teach? How important is the knowledge of the self to a teacher? Aruna Sankaranarayanan looks for answers as she unravels the last book in this column.