“I am a teacher. I am autonomous.”

Prakash Iyer
How can a teacher stay autonomous? Is she free to teach in the manner she wants and even change the curriculum? She can use the textbook and other teaching learning material, but she is also free to change the material as long as she sticks to the criteria.

The school library: a place for everyone

Nirupama Kaushik
This article traces the journey of a school library. Though it was a place that had books and resources in abundance, it was sorely under-utilized with the odd teacher coming in to borrow a subject-related textbook, and perhaps attend staff meetings. With a lot of time, effort and constant review, the library has now transformed into a place that is buzzing with people – students, teachers and parents. Alluring displays and unorthodox collection of books has changed this into a joyful learning centre.

Setting the tone for social justice

Neha Pradhan Arora
What does social justice mean? It emphasizes that every human being must have equal access to health, education, well-being as a right. It stands for inclusion, equity and participation.In order to work towards a world that is just, equitable and sustainable, we must begin to acknowledge and question issues of justice as they exist in our lives, our schools and our communities while becoming advocates of social change. Here are some ways in which this issue can be embedded in the classrooms.

Teaching online……

Kunjan Biswas
A teacher speaks her heart out on teaching online in the form of a lovely poem.

Procrastination is everyone’s problem

Anand Krishnaswamy
Procrastination exists more in the mind than in the body. In order to get more work done without wasting time, the mind has to be tamed first. And how can that be done? This article outlines an experiment that the author actually tried out in class with favorable results.

Getting to the source: why we procrastinate

Diana Monteiro
Is procrastination a lack of effort on a student’s part? This may or may not be true but it is important to get into the ‘why’ of the problem.Exploring and understanding the underlying dynamics that cause a child or student to behave this way is the first and most important step towards overcoming it.

Unravelling word problems

Swarna Krishnan
One of the most feared aspects of primary math is the word problems. Students find them confusing and difficult to wrap their heads around word problems. A lot of this problem comes from the way we teach word problems. This teacher tried a different approach to teaching word problems and was quite successful as well.