Teaching online……

Kunjan Biswas

Tabs and Windows,
Screens and Apps;
Desktops in front,
Laptop on laps.

Network and Wi-Fi
mouse and pad;
Teachers today,
are really going mad!

Zoom and G.suite,
Online meetings,
Dull and yawning faces,
No smiles, no greetings.

Docs and Slides,
Sheets and Presentation;
Begging online,
to pay attention.

Quiz and exams,
Papers and test,
Smart generation
Fooling at their best!

Children abandoned,
Family left;
Angry glances,
still couldn’t disconnect!

Deadlines and Pressures
Papers and Submission;
Swollen eyes, aching backs,
a lot of exertion.

Beeping messages
Untimely call;
Yet, a real teacher
is always standing tall..!

Modern generation,
modern aspect,
Can we teachers
get little Respect………….???

The author teaches at DSK School, Pune. She loves to paint, travel and write poems for children. She has received the Best Teacher award twice during her service. She can be reached at biswaskunjan@gmail.com.

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