Golden memories

S.Radha Prathi

A 50 year old school and its brave founder–Sri Vidya Mandir and Leela miss– have a lot of inspirational stories of struggle, challenges and survival to narrate. Take a peek into the journey of the school and its founder though the eyes of an old student.

“Self”-made artists

Anshika Bedi

Children have a knack of surprising us adults. This teacher’s class five students amazed her with the way they went about painting their self-portraits. Their maturity, interest and passion in their artwork was nothing short of that of a professional.

Earth stories for kindergartners

Katyayani Balasubramanian

The rate at which our environment is deteriorating, it seems like it is never too early to start educating our children about our environment and how to conserve it. So how can you discuss environmental concerns with kindergartners?

How can a teacher’s stress be reduced?

Neeraja Raghavan

Teachers are a stressed lot. Whether in India or outside, the reasons for a teacher’s stress and eventual burn out are not very different, which is why even a research paper on individual stress management in a Canadian teacher preparation program will be very helpful for teachers in India to peruse.

Question of the Week

B R Sitaram

If you figured out what time of the day is right for having dinner, now find out what is the most important cause of a stomach ulcer.

Disappearing wetlands – paddy fields

Geetha Iyer

When you think of a paddy field, you only think of agriculture, but did you know that it is a temporary/permanent home to several species of flora and fauna? Because they sustain biodiversity, paddy fields although a result of human activities are also counted as wetlands and ironically today human activities are causing paddy fields to disappear threatening the many birds and plants that are dependent on this ecosystem.

Avatar – transforming learning

Fareen Wahid

With technology coming out with newer and newer ways of engaging in the classroom, here is one more way of how you can use virtual tools to transact your lessons.

Trading on name and reputation

CIPAM team

A trademark protects a company’s identity represented by its logo, slogan or symbol. It is therefore extremely important for a company. What are the other things that a trademark can protect? Did you know that companies could register smell, sound and shape as their trademark? How long can a company keep a trademark? Enter the fascinating world of trademarks through these really fun and exciting games.

The coaching centre conundrum

Ripu Daman Gupta

The demand for coaching centres is so high that every second lane we turn into has a centre proclaiming its success. But how necessary are these learning centres? With students unable to juggle both the school and the coaching centre, are there ways to reduce our dependence on these centres, while giving our students the help they need to get into institutes of higher education?

English medium schools: pragmatic or problematic?

Ramanujam Parthasarathy

It is not the first and certainly won’t be the last time that a state government announces its decision to enforce English as the medium of instruction in state-run schools. With the Andhra Pradesh government the latest to join the English medium bandwagon in order to attract parents and children, we must realize that any new measure undertaken to boost public education will have the necessary effect only when the government pulls up its socks to run its schools more efficiently.