Playing your way into math

Suma Vivekanandan

The best way to teach math, especially at the primary level, is through games. Teach place value, addition/subtraction and estimation through these games.

Keep calm and turn your self-care on

Lakshmi Karunakaran

A teacher not only teaches her students but also cares for them and this can cause her a lot of emotional and mental stress. Care-giving requires you to be empathetic, understanding, patient, and emotionally available to your students. In the process of giving so much, teachers hardly notice, until too late, that they are experiencing symptoms of burn out. Teachers should constantly be alert and aware of their own emotional well-being and take care of themselves as much as they do their students.

Caring for the carers

Usha Raman

We all agree that teaching is a strenuous job and while we identify several reasons for this, we never look at care giving as a possible cause that leads to teacher stress and burn out. Of all her different roles and responsibilities, care giving takes a lot from the teacher, both mentally and physically and this is why the school should build a system to care for and support their teachers.