EducaTED Talks!

The TED talks can be really inspiring especially when the ideas are innovative. Here are a few talks on re-imagining education that we share with you.

Call me by my name?

The times are changing. And so is the relationship between the teacher and the student. There are some teachers who prefer to be called by their name and do not look at it as a sign of disrespect. So, is referring to your teacher as Sir, or Madam relevant these days? A very different point of view has been expressed in this article and deserves to be read.

To touch lives

While most schools have embraced technology in terms of smart boards, audio-visual rooms, computer labs etc, at the fundamental level, education and the role of the teacher has not been altered by technology. Is this a blessing or a bane or both? Read on to find out.

Let’s keep asking questions

In an education system that is driven and controlled by market-dominated economics, it is crucial that the alternative space is kept alive to ask questions, to experiment and to explore the relationship between the present system and the changing role of the teacher.

Harmonizing chaos

This article raises some pertinent questions about the role of the teacher in the context of Waldorf education. Every teacher must understand who the child is and allow the child to be natural. And in their most natural states, children play, move, sing and dance and love to listen to stories. Read up the article to know how you can you can give children back to themselves.

Re-imagining teachers, reclaiming education

What is the role and place of the teacher? In this interesting article, the author urges readers to view the teacher as a ‘ transformative intellectual’. By viewing the teacher so, we acknowledge that the teacher’s responsibility is not merely to help children learn, but also to build a critical relationship between what they learn, their lives and society.

The MOOCs mission: Anant Agarwal

Technology has made inroads into the education field to a large extent and this has revolutionised the process of learning. Massive Open Online courses are the latest entrant which has something for all —-students , teachers as well as those interested in producing courses for this. Teacher Plus talks to Anant Agarwal, the CEO of edX, an online learning platform founded by Harvard and MIT.

The evolutionary Indian classroom

Is technology in the classrooms a threat to the role, significance and authority of the teacher in the classroom? It all depends on how one defines the role of the teacher and how the teacher is placed in the context of today’s pedagogy. .

Thinking about teachers…

Who or what is a teacher? Here is a very different perspective that looks at teachers who are everywhere, and not just within the walls of a classroom. A teacher is a lifelong learner, one who believes in gracious giving and receiving and who makes learning possible. That is why teaching is often referred to and has to be approached more as a vocation or a calling rather than a job.

Going beyond the problem

A first- person account of two teachers— one who labelled a child as ‘not capable’ and another, who probed deeper to find out what was wrong with the child. It is your guess as to which teacher won the confidence of the child.