T for Teacher

Mounik Shankar Lahiri

Who says the younger generation doesn’t care for the teaching profession? Simran and Rohit talk about their passion for the field of education and their deep desire to improve the lives of teachers through their new initiative T for teacher.

Daily “booster”

Shabnam Bhaya

Shabnam, a teacher in Bluebells School International, shares with readers a concept close to her heart and something she helped conceive in her school–remedial classes.

Young teachers

Payal Sadana

Payal tells us how through a touching incident involving a wounded pigeon and her students, she realized that life is not so complicated after all.

The heritage walk

Rohini Jyothi

Rohini gets in touch with her creative side as she describes the heritage walks that her school encourages the teachers to take through this poem.

My teacher and I

Surabhi Nigam

It is Teacher’s Day and all of us obviously stop to think of the teachers who were important in our lives. Surabhi, now a teacher herself, recalls her teacher and tells us why this teacher made an impression on her.

Working towards a goal

Vimmi Ghai

Vimmi recounts a particularly difficult time she faced as a teacher and writes about her determination to turn it around.

Learning in real time

Samyukta Ninan

History is more than just reading up about kings and kingdoms. Samyukta, a passionate teacher of history, talks about how she instills the joy of the subject in her students.

Operation late latif

Anju Anand

Every now and then, to shake students up from their stupor, a teacher has to think of ingenious ways to teach them. Anju from Vidyaranya High School writes about how she taught certain math concepts in an innovative manner


Naina Joseph

This is the story of how a teacher helped her class settle in with two of their “special” classmates. A truly wonderful story.