The heritage walk

Rohini Jyothi has been working in Bluebells School International for 30 years. She is passionate about writing poems and stories. Rohini is an optimist and even after all these years hasn’t let her aspiration to be a children’s author die. She loves teaching English and enjoys music and dance. Art and photography are a passion as well.

Walking into the past
To see the splendor of times
That has become history
The Bluebells family went on a heritage walk.

The metro whizzed past the stations
And there we entered the Chawri Bazaar
An old leaf turned back
To relish the good old times
Where horses, palanquins
And sometimes elephants travelled by.

The scholarly Professor
Entranced everyone
His words of wisdom
Like a magic wand mesmerized us.

The intricate artistry on wood and iron
Looked like antique pieces
The glazed tiles with the roses and green leaves
Now remained pieces glazed with soot.

The narrow streets with
Myriad shops and havelis
Are pictures torn off from a historical novel
On the wings of time
We travelled centuries back.

The professor guiding the bevy of ladies
Curious to know more facts historical
Kept narrating the Mughal saga
In bits and pieces.

Fascinating was the artistic brilliance
Of Kinari Bazaar
The delicacies there were tasted
with much fervour.

The street of jewellers
Stands as a silent spectator
Reminiscing the terrifying memories
Of Nadir Shah plundering and looting.

The perfectly structured Jama Masjid
Stood gracefully tall
Witnessed royal luxuries
Of the grand old Shahjahanabad and Meena Bazaar.

Chandni Chowk still majestically stands
To view the hustle and bustle
Of the twenty first century
Trying to compete with the modern era.

Relishing the flavour of the old city
It remains a treat to be remembered forever.

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