Inspiring teachers

Ramgopal K

The Open Classroom is a book that fills a void in the Indian publishing industry. Reflective writing by Indian teachers is almost non-existent. In The Open Classroom, K T Margaret, inspires teachers old and new by dipping into her own three decade experience of teaching.

Building the parent partnership

Manaswini Sridhar

A child’s school experience is not complete without the involvement of the parent. Read and see how you can get parents to take a more active part in their child’s education.

Waiting for change

Chintan Girish Modi

A teacher narrates an anecdote and tells readers how a similar experience of another teacher-author helped him realize that things will take time to change. Want to know what this teacher’s experience was? Read the article to find out.

Understanding the pH scale

Yasmin Jayathirtha

A pH scale is something that a child learning science is supposed to know. But does he/she really know what a pH scale is? Who invented it and why? This month’s Let’s experiment brings you an experiment to help you understand the pH scale.

Smarter bus dispersal

Neerja Singh

The most harrowing time for any school is the end of the day when it is time for children to go home. If we keep a few simple things in mind, this stressful time can be made a lot less harried.

Rapport to reign over

S Muralidharan

The quality of teaching depends a lot on the student-teacher rapport. Here are a few ideas to build a strong bond with your students.

Movember or November?

S Upendran

How November got its name, what this month is famous for, and what the highlights of this month are. Find out in this times Words Unlimited.

Chillar please!

Shalini B

Despite being small, chillar can be the cause of really big worries. A fun article on the problems created because of the lack of chillar.

Human contact: the essential


While textbooks are the last word for many in education, some consider them restrictive and limiting. A teacher’s touch makes teaching-learning more experiential and lasting. A Waldorf perspective.