All in the names

Nitya S Ghotge

India is a country that has a rich variety of domesticated livestock. But these indegenous breeds that have been serving us for centuries are now threatned with the inclusion of foreign animal breeds to satisfy our needs. Read to see why we must absolutely protect our local breed of cows, goats and buffalos.

Biodiversity in the urban jungle

Sanskriti Menon

Living in an urban city with only shops and building around? Is nature restricted to your neighbourhood park? Find out how you can still instill in children a love for nature from this article.

Connecting with nature

V Shubhalaxmi

Bombay Natural History Society’s Conservation Education Centre has launched many programmes and events that are helping people connect with nature. See how you can replicate some of their programmes in your own schools and localities.

Grass, grass all around

Geetha Iyer

When we think of grass we don’t go much beyond the inviting lawn that we have sat on or lazed on in our gardens or parks. Did you know that there are many different types of grass and plants that are often mistaken for grass but are not really grass? Read all that you did not know about the grass in this article.

The most dangerous animals are two-legged

Sadhana Ramchander

This author’s trip to the popular Jim Corbett National Park has left her in no doubt that the most dangerous and destructive animals are those that walk on two legs– the human beings.

Let my teachers awake

Steven Rudolph

Here the author picks up from where he left off in the last article and talks about how he got his teachers excited to try out an “open day” in school– a day when teachers could plan and organize their time the way they want to with little inteference from the administration. If this experiment works with the teachers, the author plans to allow students in his school to chalk out their own schedules instead of following a pre determined time table. Wait and watch as to how the teachers’ open day turned out.

Open up. Live a little.

Aditi Parekh

Do you learn only when you go to school? At 16, this author dropped out of school because she believes that she has a lot more to learn from life. Read her experience so far.

Passing impaired or deferred success?

S Upendran

Are you a ‘uniquely proficient’, ‘least best’ student who takes ‘remedial courses’? Find out the politically correct terms for ‘fail’, ‘stupid’, ‘lazy’ and more.

Failure is not a full stop

Chintan Girish Modi

When a child fails, to a large extent he ends up getting blamed for the failure. Sometimes fingers are pointed at the teacher. An already upset child is labelled ‘lazy’, ‘dumb’, ‘stupid’ and we succeed in demoralizing the child. Instead have we ever asked, ‘Why is the child not interested?’, ‘How differently can I teach to create an interest?’, ‘How can I encourage my child and commend him for what he can do?’ As parents, teachers, and schools who have an interest in the child we have to take equal responsibility and help a child overcome his failure.