Exploring new learning spaces

How important is the classroom to teaching and learning? Is it necessary that children sit on benches inside the four walls of a classroom to learn their lessons? Read to find out how the children at Adharshila Learning Centre have created their own learning space outside the classroom.

A little give and take

Every school does its bit by getting children to plant a tree or make some compost. But apart from working as little breaks from their otherwise heavy learning schedule do these programmes achieve what they should? Here are some suggestions on how you can ensure sustainability in your EVS classes.

Teaching with connections

The subjects that we teach in schools are not isolated islands. They are all related to one another and our understanding of one subject helps us understand another. So the next time you begin a lesson, why not try teaching with connections?

Moths are beautiful too!

Butterflies are colourful; they are more attractive, and they are often more romantic. But moths are beautiful too! And here’s why.

The right teacher for the right job

When schools hire teachers, it is extremely important that they hire them for the right positions. A teacher who has found her niche will be a far more resourceful teacher than the one who has not.

History or Herstory?

Every event in history has introduced to the English language new words. The women’s liberation movement of the 1970s was no different. Read to find out the words that became a part of the English language courtesy the liberation movement.

Coping with CCE

One year after CCE was introduced, Teacher Plus visits some teachers to see how well they have coped with this new system of evaluation.

The exquisite nature of slowness

Why is slowness another name for dullness? When everything beautiful in nature has a slow growth–whether a flower blooming or the sun setting, slowness is something we have to appreciate and enjoy says the author.