Making the most of limited space

Munusamy Raviraaj

Let us learn and let us teach: space is not a constraint for creating a learning classroom.

A school classroom is a space where students come together to learn. It is also a space where other types of learning takes place, such as discipline, how to interact with other students, how to listen, on communication and various other aspects. A classroom should be comfortable for students, and exert subtle influence for learning to occur. Most school classrooms have very rigid arrangements with little room for children to move around. But the ideal classroom arrangements are those that are flexible and allow students to move freely. Only a comfortable classroom can be conducive for learning to take place.


Walking into any Panchayat union primary school in Tamil Nadu can be an eye-opening experience for many of us. At first glance it becomes apparent that these are not like other “regular” classrooms. Most Panchayat union schools have very small classrooms, with no more than 300 square feet of space, in which at least five different classes jostle for space and strain to hear what the teacher is saying.

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