Mathematics as a muscle memory

Vignesh M
This teacher and his school found a perfect solution to a sedentary lifestyle in this innovative practice of teaching math.

How neighbourly are schools?

Usha Raman
Schools affect the lives of the young and the future of the society. Here, children learn about the world; do they also learn about their surroundings? In today’s world are schools islands of sorts – unaffected by their surroundings? Or, do they interact and mingle with their neighbourhoods?

Vidya Vanam: an involvement with the community

Prema Rangachary
Can a school dovetail its actions and curriculum based on the needs of the families it is located amidst? How deep can this engagement with the larger community be?

How schools build community

Arun Elassery
Can a school base its curriculum on what is good for the community around it and what would strengthen a community, make it more prosperous?

Making and mapping connections

Sindhu Mathai
Schools are linked to their surrounding environment and communities but the relationships can vary from school to school. Can we try to understand these relationships using spatial mapping?

Changing neighbourhoods: one book at a time

Richa Dang
Can creating safe spaces for children (and young adults) to access – read – discuss books enable them to get lost in the world of books? Can these spaces also help them to bond with each other, to grow as individuals and to express better?