A celebration of exhibits

Madhumita Das is a teacher by profession but an explorer at heart. She has a knack for presenting the most complex ideas in a very lucid and interesting manner. She is always on the lookout for innovative ways to strike a chord with her children. Madhumita is a dedicated professional and a mother who still loves baking cookies for her children. She likes painting and experimenting with various cuisines.

Invitations were sent and circulars distributed. There was a lot of excitement among the students and teachers of the Primary One wing of K.D. Ambani Vidyamandir. It was the annual exhibition time.

Each section of classes one and two selected a theme from their curriculum. Students from class one chose from themes such as My School, Go Green, Animals, Transportation, etc. Class two students chose Body Parts, Festivals, Shelter, etc., as their themes. Enthusiastic children displayed and explained their exhibits tirelessly for the more than two hours that the exhibition was on.

The purpose of the exhibition was to demonstrate to the parents the current approach of teaching adopted by the school, which is by and large activity-based and experiential, and the effectiveness of the same on the child’s learning and growth.

This exhibition was a platform for the children to showcase their confidence and for the parents to get familiar with the teaching methodologies of the school. Hundreds of displays dotted several sections of the primary wing. Each class became a celebration of exhibits as little angels excitedly beckoned visitors to stop by and visit their exhibits.

Playing with numbers: Our children are extremely confident of their number skills and concepts. This was evident to all the visitors who saw our children effortlessly explain wherever necessary and count, sort, arrange, and identify numbers using sticks, ganitmala, etc.

Puppet art: Role play is a wonderful method of experiential learning. We teach kids lessons on clean surroundings, family, school, etc., using role play and puppetry. Some of our kids displayed and performed puppet shows on these themes much to the delight of the parents and visitors.

Veethika: The children also demonstrated their command over the Hindi language by staging plays, through picture composition, games, puzzles, etc.

The annual exhibition is always a wonderful experience.

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