A way with words?

Entries received for the Teacher Plus slogan contest:

  • Teachers – the heartbeats of the nation.
  • Teaching is learning and living.
  • Teaching is my passion.
  • Proud teacher, inventive and innovative.


  • Generations we mould, gentleness we unfold, goodness we inculcate, genuiness we appreciate.

Thara Krishnan

  • A teacher is the spirit of god having magical influence.
  • A teacher is the lamp of knowledge who lights the paths of his/her pupils.

Devesh Bharadwaj

  • Teacher: A paid learner.
  • Teacher: A learner and learning enabler.
  • Teaches ABC and tests XYZ.

V. Narasimhamam

  • A teacher “sows curiosity and ignites the potential within.”
  • A teacher “understands, responds, and transforms.”
  • A teacher “ignites the spark of lifelong learning.”
  • A teacher ” is always there with 24×7 love and care.”
  • I love being a teacher because”each day unveils new hopes, new achievements”.
  • Teaching is all about “listening, understanding,loving,touching and transforming lives”.


  • A charging river, moulding character boulders.
  • A gushing river, love she showers.
  • A rising sun with a mission, one with a vision.
  • Caterpillars to butterflies, values woven into their lives.
  • Through thick and thin, helps to unearth the knowledge from within.
  • A safe pair of hands for one to land.
  • Heart to heart building a bridge to impart.
  • A teacher a day keeps ignorance away.
  • Sugar and spicy, keeps life busy.
  • With charm and grace, has a whole lot to amaze.
  • A charging river, moulding character boulders.
  • Handy to the one in needy.
  • To the shores of life, a boatman transporting with strife.
  • Sparkling eyes, warm smiles they are life’s delights.
  • Helps to shine like stars above using lights within.
  • Breathes values of life for a life without strife.
  • Teacher: An agent of change.
  • Teacher: transacting to transform.
  • Achieve goals to BECOME, not to GET.
  • A challenge, to stretch beyond the comfort zone.

Usha Suresh

  • Teacher strives to nurture, brightens your future.
  • Teacher: A child’s compass for all directions.
  • Talks

Meena Ranjan

  • I love being a teacher because … Igniting their (students) minds, rekindles my soul.
  • I love being a teacher because … their (students) unwavering adulation makes each passing day a memorable one.
  • That something special that defines teaching for me is… teaching is like stories told, laughter unfolds, sorrows shed, oh!such a cherishable journey ahead.

Zenobia Lakdawalla

  • A real teacher lives ever in the minds of the students.
  • I thank my teacher for making me a teacher.
  • One teacher creates many creators.
  • No teaching, no preaching only searching of wisdom with students.
  • Sharing a value enhances the teacher.
  • Being empathetic, a teacher can feel every child.
  • Be proud as a teacher when children surround you.
  • I found myself in my students.
  • A teacher is a lifelong student.
  • My teacher loves, cares, shares, inspires and creates in me an another teacher.

C Kavitha

  • To teach is nothing but to reach.
  • Teaching is an art of remaining young.
  • It’s a delicious menu that kindles the appetite brains.

Indira Vijaykumar

  • Gardening akin to teaching.
  • Knowledge acquisition to Knowledge dissemination.
  • kindling young minds.

Vidya Pathare

  • Alacrity to learn and good teaching are inseparable.
  • Teaching – the noblest and worthiest calling of all.
  • An ideal teacher rejoices to see the seeds of knowledge blossom in the pupil.

Padma Srinivasa Rao

  • Teachers are the best interpreters of their thoughts.
  • Teacher is a preacher who brightens your future.
  • Teacher is the index of knowledge.
  • A teacher is a compass that activates the magnet of curiosity and wisdom in pupils.

Pratibha D.

  • Teacher teachers not to err.

G. Uma

  • What makes a teacher?
    A mother at school!
  • Why do you love being a teacher?
    To explore the innocence in every child.
  • What’s that special something that defines teaching for you?
    Teaching for me is life without death.

Indira KP


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