A breath of fresh air

What goes into writing a children’s book? Can they be plain fun or do they have to have morals? Chintan Girish Modi talks to acclaimed children’s writer Anushka Ravishankar

An indispensable resource

Teachers are the cornerstone of education and for any development in education to happen there has to be a change in the way teachers themselves are trained. The book, Reflective Teaching & Learning comes at the right time explaining to both teaching beginning and those already practicing the importance of reflective teaching practices.

Unlocking each learner’s potential

Every child is different and a teacher has the arduous task of unlocking the potential in each child. A teacher will therefore have to equip herself with not one but several different ways of teaching her children.

Tonk’s champion teacher

Read this inspiring story of how one teacher brought about tremendous improvement in a school in Rajasthan.

Theatre in education

Does theatre have any place in a school? Beyond spicing up annual days can dramas and plays be anything more? Here’s taking a look at where theatre in education stands in India.

Meeting to engage and energize

Bringing about educational reforms is not easy. There are several stakeholders involved and a consciousness has now set in among the various stakeholder for the need to collaborate if reform is to take place. Teacher Plus takes a look at how two seperate events kept to this spirit of collaborative engagment.

The Gods are crazy and they’re mean!

Continuing where he last left off, the author engages us with tales from the Greek mythology while pointing to the origins of certain words in the English language.

Vertically challenged

It is a trip down memory lane for this author as she recounts the problems she had with her short height.

Teacher shortage – the tip of the iceberg

RtE 2009 has promised to revamp public education in India. But to realize the ideal standards proposed by the RtE there are several concerns that need to be addressed. Teacher shortage is perhaps the most visible and urgent hurdle that needs to be overcome. While tackling teacher shortage is a pressing need, it is only one of the many more concerns that currently paralyze public education.