Teaching a foreign language

Learning a foreign language is always a challenge. Apart from the novelty, the fact that one knows a foreign language always sets one apart. But how does one teach the language so that students are able to speak the language and not just read and write? Read on to find out.

Initiating Kabir in the classroom

What can Kabir, a 15th Century saint poet, offer to schools? From his poetry to the films on his life and teachings made by Shabnam Virmani, there is a whole range that the Kabir Project has on offer. This article takes a look at the several resources that are available.

And the wheel turns…

A former student recalls the wonderful days spent in the company of one particular teacher who inspired her. This moving narrative teaches us several lessons that must be imbibed by all.

A Korean adventure

Learning is an individual experience. An enterprising teacher should be ready to innovate and change his strategy in tune with the atmosphere of the class.

Thinking about Teach For India

A major transformation is taking place in the field of education with top graduates and professionals stepping in to impart learning to the less fortunate. This movement called ‘Teach for India’ is making an impact in two cities in Maharashtra and promises to get bigger. However some questions and concerns still need to be addressed. Shaheen Mistri, CEO of TFI, in an interview, talks about her plans and her vision to ensure that all children receive an excellent education. Anu Aga, CEO of Thermax, explains why the human element is important in education, and is passionately committed to the cause of primary education.