Thumbs up to bottle caps

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

boy-playing-with-bottle-caps When we were children, the availability of resources like art, craft material, toys was limited. Hence, every bit of junk was treasured by us. Even a toothpaste tube was cherished for the guns, buses, catapults, etc., that we could make out of it. Lifestyles have changed but the value of junk has not. We present some junk-based games, activities and ideas to make learning come alive, active and involving. Let us not throw, rather let us grow – learning, creativity and sensitivity towards our environment.

Here is the first article in the series – just using cold drink bottle crowns (caps). We have purposefully not gone into details – but present a whole host of random ideas to tickle your imagination and lead to classroom work with children. Innovate on your own, involve children and enjoy.

The authors run Geniekids, a learning centre in Bangalore that works with children. To know more about their work visit

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