What a class teacher can do

Harekrushna Behera
CR-management Are you a class teacher? And do you find that title a bit too heavy to carry? Most teachers today refuse to be a class teacher as they believe the job has too many responsibilities. But is being a class teacher that bad? If a teacher really plans and makes use of the human resource available to him or her then the class teacher’s work will be interesting and enjoyable. Try some of the suggestions given here and enjoy your identity as a class teacher while working closely with your students to make your time together special.

Be a friend and guide
One of the purest forms of relationships in the world is that between friends. You can share your inner most thoughts and secrets only with friends. Therefore, when you first meet your class, approach them as a friend. Although your primary role is that of a guide you should also be a friend to the children for only then will you be able mix with them and learn about what problems and difficulties they face. An authoritative teacher will only instill fear in the children who will hold back from expressing themselves.

The author is a teacher in Social Science at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Uttar Pradesh. He can be contacted at hare_321ku@rediffmail.com.

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