The 20-minute Workout at Work

Spine stretch
Increases flexibility and circulation in entire spine; improves eyesight
Spine StretchSit on the front half of your chair. Place your left hand on the outside of your right knee and hook your right arm over the back of the chair, or inside, as shown. Breathe in, looking forward, then breathe out as your twist to the right. Turn your head and eyes as far right as they will go and stare at a spot just above eye level. Pull slightly on your right knee with your left hand for more leverage. Relax your breath and hold the position, breathing normally, for several seconds. Release and repeat on the opposite side.

Repetition: 1 on each side

Seated knee squeeze
Limbers and relaxes lower back, improves digestion; improves respiration
Knee SqueezeBreathe out completely. Breathe in and lift your right leg with both hands and pull it to your chest while holding your breath in. Tuck your head toward your knee and let your raised foot relax. Hold for a few seconds, then release and switch sides.

Repetitions: 3 on each side

Sun pose in chair
Improves circulation to head; massages internal organs; limbers spine and hip joints
Sun PoseSeparate your legs and sit with your hips against the back of the chair. Breathe out completely. Breathe in and raise your arms in a circle to the sides and overhead. Look up and stretch. Breathe out, tuck your head, and bend forward between your legs. If you can reach the floor, place your palms fl at. Breathe in and raise your arms up over your head again, then breathe out and lower your arms to the sides.

Repetitions: 3

Seated side stretch

Limbers spinal column, improves respiration, reduces waistline

Side StretchSitting with feet slightly apart, breathe in and raise your arms out to the sides. Breathe out and bend toward the left, keeping your arms straight and trying to reach the floor with your left hand. Breathe in, come back to the starting position, then breathe out and bend toward the right.

Repetitions: 3 on each side

Ankle rotations and point flexes

Improves circulation to feet

Ankle RotationHold on to the seat of your chair, stretch your legs out in front of you, and rotate your ankles several times in each direction. Then point and flex the feet several times.

Repetitions: 5-6 circles in each direction, 5-6 point-flexes

Seated leg lifts

Strengthens legs, hips, and lower back; improves circulation to legs and feet

One Leg LiftHold on to the seat of your chair for leverage. Breathe out, then breathe in as you lift your right leg straight, foot flexed. Breathe out and lower your leg.

Repetitions: 3 for each leg

Next do three lifts with both legs.
Both Legs
Text: Excerpted from the American Book of Yoga.

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