Waves of Change

Sandhya Siddharth
There are a lot of things one needs to understand before starting a teacher resource centre. Find out what they are.

The Process of Teaching and Learning

by Seetha Anand Vaidyam
The objective of education is to gear students for life. But today it seems as if the only important thing is to gear them for examinations. It is high time that schools assessed the situation and brought about a change.

Discipline and Punishment

Lakshmi Rameshwar Rao
How importan is punishment to discpline a child? Are there other ways of discplining children? Read to find out.

Impact of CCE in schools

Meeta Mohanty
With CBSE schools required to deliver their first Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation reports this academic year, are the schools clear about this new system of evaluation?

Quality of education and the RTE Act

Ramdas Bhaskaran
The Right to Education Act was passed in the Indian Parliament amidst loud cheers but it continues to be a hot topic of debate among concerned educationists.

What is Wrong With Our Exams?

Rama Mathew
In this article the author laments the examination system in the country and cites reasons for bringing about a change.

The essential teacher

Lakshmi Rameshwar Rao
How important are teachers in our lives? Do we feel their impact in our daily activities? The author answers these questions in the article.

Process versus product in pre-school education

Usha Raj Narayan
The foundation of a child’s life is laid during the pre-school years. While the end result of pre-school education is important, the means adopted to achieve that end is equally important.

An open letter to teachers

Maya Menon
The Government of India passed the Right to Education Act in August 2009. Here’s taking a look at the key features of this landmark Act.

Violence and Response

by Kavita Anand
Violence is inherent in human beings and if we don’t want our children to grow up with daggers drawn at each other then we should take care that we meet their bad behaviour with compassion and persuasion rather than punishment or hatred.