No textbooks? Take the creative route

Looking beyond the textbook is a skill that every teacher must learn to cultivate. A little bit of imagination and clever use of resources can help a teacher engage with her students even without textbooks. Read on to find out more.

Fun and motivating sessions

Workshops for teachers can be tiresome if enough care is not taken to have a resource person who enjoys interacting with teachers. Bringing in an element of fun and treating teachers as students will go a long way in motivating them to approach their jobs with passion.

Being responsible for your child

Is the education of a child the sole responsibility of the teacher? This article looks at how parents and teachers should share this responsibility.

Having fun with grammar

Teaching children grammar is not an easy task. This is one place kids tend to falter when learning a language. One of the main reasons for this is the popular idea that grammar is boring. Here’s how you can make grammar fun and its learning effective.

Language learning at all times

Language learning can happen at all times, and it need not be with a paper and a pencil. It can happen in the kitchen, across the dining table, among family members, and all in the form of a natural conversation.

Learning from doing projects

The way projects are approached both by students and teachers make working on them dull, boring, and ineffective. Here is a way to remove the drudgery of project work and make it a fun and effective learning insturement.

The five minute show

Five precious minutes and how does one make the most of it? Read on and equip yourself with some smart strategies.

Peeling off shyness

Manaswini Sridhar
Do you have shy students in class? Have you wondered how to open them up? Find some answers here.

Dissipating aggression

Manju Gupta
Children who are aggressive in the classroom provide a considerable challenge to the teacher.