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Biodiversity in practice

How are teachers concerned with issues on biodiversity? When there is already so much on their minds do they need to add this to their bucket of problems? Yes they do. Teachers are citizens of this world like all of us and more importantly they are the ‘change agents’ with the power to influence a younger generation. And when biodiveristy is part of everything we do–whether it is the food we eat or the trees we walk by on our way to school–it is important that we inspire a concern for it in our students.

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Building a sense of community


As everyday passes by we can see around us how violence is becoming more and more ingrained in human beings. Is it not time now for us to start building a sense of community in our students so that they learn to live peacefully with each other? Here’s how you can use your social studies classes across levels to nurture a peaceful citizenry.

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What’s up with the weather?

Malasree Dasgupta

So what’s the weather like today? The weather plays such an important role in our lives that we simply cannot ignore it. What we do, how we do and why we do something all depends on the weather. So bring some sun, rain, clouds and wind into your classrooms using ideas from this article.

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No right way

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

“You are not doing it the right way!” How many of us have said this to our kids? As adults, teachers and parents we think we are setting children on the right path by directing the way they think. But are we really? Think about it.

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Health-giving herbs

Ramesh Savalia and Suman Rathod

This article is an example of the fact that children learn best by doing. Read to find out how teachers and students from 10 rural schools in Gujarat learnt several lessons while creating medicinal plant gardens for their schools.

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